How To Get Rid Of Bronchial Spasms?

Are you wondering ‘how to get rid of bronchial spasms?’

Even the simple chores such as climbing stairs, running to catch a bus, or brisk walking can be a painful ordeal for some people. They find it difficult to breathe, and this can sometimes be a symptom of bronchial spasm. During a bronchial spasm, the respiratory airways tighten up, limiting the natural flow of air. Coughing, tightness or heaviness in the chest or wheezing are few other common signs.


Bronchial spasms are common amongst asthma patients, and this condition is often triggered by various stimuli, such as molds, dust, pet hair, and pollens. But apart from these, there are few other triggers which if avoided, can help keep this health condition from re-surfacing. They are- Irritants in the air such as charcoal smoke, cigarette smoke, respiratory infections while one is suffering from cold or flu, extremely strenuous physical activity, or a strong emotional reaction.


So, is there anything you can do to get rid of the bronchial spasms? Yes! Studies reveal that various natural methods to improve the health of your lungs can reduce the occurrence of the spasms. Here are the 8 best ways to get rid of bronchial spasms:


1. Know Your Triggers

There is a link between bronchial spasms and food allergy. Know which foods cause allergy in your case and avoid consuming them. Also, avoid other irritants that trigger spasms and cause difficulty in breathing. For instance, some people find it difficult to breathe in smoky environment, but others are fine with it. Hence, observe what EXACTLY triggers asthmatic symptoms in you, and avoid them completely.


2. Reduce Salt Intake

A study found that low salt intake helps improve pulmonary function. Instead of salt, try adding few herbs to your food that not only provide you with health benefits, but also act as natural flavor enhancers, such as- ginger, cranberry sauce, basil, garlic, mint leaves, parsley, rosemary, oregano, dry mustard, thyme, paprika, etc. Go for natural salt (rock salt) if you cannot avoid salt.


3. Reduce Meat Intake

We all know that meat is good for health, but only if taken in controlled quantities. However, if you want to get rid of bronchial spasms, it would be better if you reduce you meat intake, as much as possible. A recent study concluded that people who were on a vegetarian diet were less prone to experience bronchial spasms than those who consumed red meat daily.


4. Consume Black Cohosh Extract

Black Cohosh herb (cimicifuga racemosa) is known to have sedative properties, and it also acts as a spasmolytic agent. It relaxes muscles and calms down the nerves. Try consuming Black Cohosh extract in tea, capsule, tablet, liquid extract, or tincture forms for best results.


5. Practice Breath Control

A research revealed that people suffering from asthma tend to breathe fast and more. Hence, it is suggested that you take deep breaths and breathe in a slower pace in order to lessen the signs and symptoms of bronchial spasms. This type of breathing exercise helps maintain optimum levels of carbon dioxide in the body and strengthens lungs.


6. Follow a Balanced Diet

Consume foods rich in anti-oxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, essential vitamins and minerals. If your body is healthy and your immune system is strong, you will be less likely to experience asthmatic symptoms and other ailments such as common cold and flu.


7. Quit Smoking

Smoking leads to a lot of health issues, including bronchial spasms. Quitting smoking is an important step towards bronchial spasm prevention. If you continue smoking, no medicine in the world can help alleviate the symptoms and it will only make things worse for you day-by-day!


8. Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Obesity is known to be a trigger for lungs-related problems (including bronchial spasms) amongst adult and children, alike. People who are at an ideal weight range are known to experience lesser or no problems with breathing.


During An Emergency:

Remain calm/keep the person suffering from bronchial spasm calm and call the emergency helpline number. Use bronchial dilators for treating quick inflammation as they relax and smoothen up the muscles around the airways. Most broncho-dilators are prescription drugs, so if you have a tendency to experience spasms often, make sure you keep your medicines handy to get rid of bronchial spasms without much hassle.