Top Mobile Medical Care Services at LifeLineMobile

As humans,it is normal to fall sick.Sometimes, someone beloved may pass away due to illness.That is part of our nature.That is undeniable.Some of the deaths caused by illnesses can be avoided if the patient gets quick and efficient medical attention.This necessitates the existence of mobile medical units to provide the much needed care to suffering patients.This has the possible impact of altering the life of the patient,family and close friends.


LifeLineMobile is one such entity that avails mobile units to be used to reach those living far from hospitals and dispensaries.The patient might be in a critical health condition and as such,he or she needs urgent medical attention or else pass away.Such attention can only be provided in a specialized vehicle with the necessary equipment and skilled personnel.LifeLineMobile uses trucks for movement.Unlike modified buses and other light vehicles,trucks are faster than buses and they also have more space for working than common vehicles.


LifeLineMobile provides dental medical care,blood collection,storage and donation, laboratory services, and prenatal and post natal attention to mothers.The mobile laboratory section caters for patients who need time-critical diagnosis in order to to treat a disease or a condition whose nature is life threatening.Such urgent laboratory tests apply for patients whose medical history is unknown.Thus,the patient must have a full blood culture done,have the disease diagnosed and be treated.Imagine a patient,a doctor,drugs and world class medical equipment in one mobile unit.Awesome,isn’t it?LifeLineMobile is in essence a hospital on wheels.You would not tell the difference between waking up from unconsciousness in a hospital and a Lifelinemobile unit.


Among others,the blood testing services,X-ray services and magnetic resonance imaging services in a LifeLineMobile laboratory are superior to services offered elsewhere.Visit mobile laboratory to know more.