What is the Best Home Treatment for Toe Fungus?

Toe fungus can be a nagging problem if it is not controlled properly. You can fight the fungus of the toe by adhering to some home remedies. Home treatment for toe fungus is quite possible much to the delight of the people that are not interested in consulting a doctor for cure. Vinegar is said to possess some vital medical properties that have the capabilities to keep toe fungus at bay. You will have to mix equal proportions of water and vinegar and take a foot bath in the solution for better results. You should allow your feet to soak at least for about 30 minutes at a stretch.


The wrong PH balance might be one of the major reasons for your toe to develop fungus. Vinegar has a special quality of setting the affected PH balance right. Once the PH balance is set right the fungus can be easily conquered to nicety. It can be interesting to know that there are a lot of types of vinegar. Any type of vinegar can put your toe fungi to swords. The important kinds of vinegar include raisin vinegar, Chinese black vinegar, coconut vinegar, balsamic vinegar and apple cider vinegar to name a few. Apart from these types you will also find some of the artificial flavored vinegar varieties as well.


What actually causes your toe fungus to mitigate?

The acidity in vinegar is the fighting agent when combating the fungi of the toe. The acidity in vinegar is caused due to the oxidation of ethanol in fermented wine. The process of oxidation results gives rise to the sour taste in vinegar. Micro organisms get killed by virtue of the powerful acidity present in vinegar. Although toe fungus causes pain to the region around the toe, this home treatment for toe fungus does well to reduce the inflammation to a great extent.