Things To Consider When Finding Addiction Treatment


Addiction does not just affect a single person, but affects everyone in that person’s life. If a person suffering from addiction has taken the first step and decided it is time to seek help at an addiction treatment center, there are a few things to consider. There are a wide range of facilities that offer everything from outpatient treatment to dual diagnosis. Take a little time to understand what options are available and what types of treatment will work best.

Is the Treatment Legitimate?
A treatment facility that claims a high number of recoveries or extremely quick recoveries should be questioned. Make sure that any addiction treatment you choose is backed by scientific evidence. Know that most addiction treatments are not quick and takes a lot of support to maintain a clean lifestyle. You should also check facilities to see if they are licensed in the state where they are located.

Can the Treatment be tailored?
Every individual is different and so are addictions. In order to best serve the patient and their needs, addiction treatment should be tailored around each individual addict to promote success and a healthy lifestyle without the addiction. If the needs of the patient change, a good addiction treatment program should also be able to adapt to these changes.

12-Step and Group Therapy
Many of the best addiction treatment programs provide its patients with either a 12-step support system or a group therapy support system. Having a community to talk to who knows what the addict is going through can help people stay accountable for their actions is a good way to supplement individual therapy. Not all group therapy sessions follow a traditional 12-step program, but they do bring in the same element of sharing and support.

Length of Treatment
The last consideration for any addiction treatment is the length of the treatment. Inpatient facilities have a range of programs from 30 to 90 days or longer. While the initial treatment may last a few weeks or a few months, continuing outpatient treatment with a therapist or support group is essential for maintaining recovery. Each individual is different, so the length of treatment should be determined between the patient and their addiction specialist.

Addiction does not start overnight, nor can it be cured overnight. Finding the right addiction treatment for your specific situation is essential to breaking the addiction and staying on the road to recovery.


Lauryn Winterson is a professional writer and drug rehabiliation advocate. For more information, visit