5 Things to Consider Before Picking up Smoking

So you’re interested in taking up smoking. Inhaling the smoke from finely cut tobacco leaves and then stuffed into thin paper straws with all the additives sounds like a good idea.


It’s not like this hobby will make you an individual unique and cool like the tobacco companies want you to think. It turns out that about 100,000 kids start smoking every single day and according to the World Health Organization about one third of the mail global adult population smokes.


They say that by the year 2030 one and six people will die from smoking. A cigarette cuts at least five minutes from your life when you smoke it, that’s about the time it takes to inhale all that chemically goodness. But is smoking all that bad? Are there any positive aspects of this lifestyle choice right? Maybe you like to watch smoke rising through the air disappearing into the atmosphere? Maybe you had a cool uncle who smoked cigarettes around you when you were growing up and it brings back all the memories of your lost childhood? Smoking and nicotine give you a buzz and combining alcohol and nicotine enhance those effects even further. But is that enough to start puffing?


The consequences of smoking are numerous. It is clear with a little digging and research that the negative outcomes smoking outweigh any positive benefits. Take a look at just five consequences of smoking. Think about these if you’re considering taking up this habit with the help of drug rehab centers like Connecticut substance abuse help



The United States government has approved 599 additives in cigarettes. When these additives are burned it actually creates over 4000 chemical compounds released into your lungs. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrogen cyanide, and ammonia are in cigarettes as well as many other cancer causing compounds. These compounds are added to make smoking extremely addictive.



Back in the good old 70s and 80s smoking was seen to be the in thing to do. And why you ask was it so cool to smoke? Because tobacco companies spent billions and billions of dollars a year to advertise to the general public that smoking was cool.


I implore you to take a look at those people who have been smoking for the past 20 or 30 years. Stained fingers and skin, decayed teeth, wrinkled skin, and that lovely smokers cough that produces so much mucus is really cool isn’t it.


Smoking is becoming socially unexceptionable in public places. If you smoke you will be ostracized an outcast from public spaces restaurants and friends and family do not want to be around secondhand smoke.



The reasons people start or can’t stop smoking are mainly psychological. That’s right smoking today is still glamorized in the media and people want to try it. Once you’ve started and find that you can stop it is mainly due to the habit you


  1. Smoking is one of the worst addictions ever. I use to be a counselor in a treatment center where I was in charge of interviewing the patients when they arrived. Almost every single addicted individual all started smoking cigarettes before they started using harder drugs. Basically it went like this, cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, then harder(drug of choice). Almost every single patient I interviewed followed this pattern.