A Study on Pregnancy Prevention and Nuvaring

Science is always coming up with newer ways of birth control. Nuvaring is one such female contraceptive. It is quite a soft and flexible ring and is of about 2 inches diameter. The female partner needs to wear it in the vagina. There is a system of using this ring. After wearing the ring for three weeks one needs to remove it during the menstrual period. The two hormones that are contained in this birth control measure are estrogen and progesterone.

Nuvaring has a simple pregnancy prevention procedure. It prevents the eggs of the ovary from releasing. Also, the uterine lining gets thinners by using Nuvaring and thus fertilized eggs cannot be implanted. It thickens the cervical mucus and therefore the sperms cannot get into the uterus. It needs to be put into the vagina, in the middle of the first and the fifth day of the menstrual period irrespective of the bleeding.

Nuvaring is one of the most successful birth prevention measures. It has been noticed that in 99% cases it stops the lady from getting pregnant. One Nuvaring has a life extent of 4 months. one needs to change it once a month.

Benefits of Nuvaring

  1. The ring is very handy. One doesn