Environmental Benefits of Growing a Kitchen Garden

When taking a trip to your local garden centre or supermarket you can find a great range of vegetable seeds. These rows of vegetables and their many varieties can be a good source of inspiration and can open your eyes to what can be achieved at home.

Growing your own has become a fashionable trend that many have adopted into their daily lives and with that comes numerous benefits not only for your purse, but also for the environment. Having a kitchen garden reduces carbon footprints, can prevent the use of chemicals and offers a greener way of life. Whether you wish to grow herbs on the kitchen windowsill or have a few raised beds in the garden, becoming environmentally conscious couldn


  1. I really like how you have pointed out the whole process of getting the produce to the stores and how we can help feed our families while doing something great for the enviroment too. Great Article!

  2. I loved your post. It is such a great remainder to us how how we can make a difference with our own garden. Not to mention the wonder products we get form our labors. The compost list is something I have printed off for future use. Susan Cooper from LinkedIn BHB