Got Lipo scars? We

Liposuction is a Surgery. Straightforward and simple as it is, any surgery, no matter how big or small the scale is, as long as there is incision or puncture done during the procedure, there will be scarring. Scar is a part of the natural healing process, which usually follows any surgical procedure. Depending on the procedure performed, scars can be as small as series of punch holes or can be halfway the length of the pink finger. These scars may easily recover and heal completely for around 2 weeks to a month.

However, there are some procedures that require vigorous back and forth motion of surgical cannula that may disrupt membranes and cellular structures and tissues under the skin. This may cause the other areas not directly penetrated by the cannula to gain scars, appearing like the lines on the palm of our hands. Further worsened by a genetic predisposition of an individual, these scars may even develop to hypertrophic scars, or even keloids.

Now knowing about the scar results, so, why undergo a surgical procedure, aiming a good body, if you will get scars? Liposuction then, with every means of performing it, will have scars as end product of it, though it will be medically minor compared to the desired, if not, almost perfect sculpted body. Plus, don