Adrenal Fatigue: Causes and Symptoms

Do you find that you are feeling rundown throughout the day for no reason, when you should feel energized and well-rested? Are you craving sugary and salty sweets almost endlessly, as pick me ups? If these scenarios apply to you, then it is possible that you suffer from adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is an extremely common condition, affecting nearly eighty percent of the population at some point in life. If you are concerned about adrenal fatigue and how it may be affecting you, then read on to learn more about its causes and symptoms.

What is adrenal fatigue? Adrenal fatigue is a condition in which the output of your adrenal gland cannot keep up with what is required of it. This health issue is characterized by a wide array of symptoms and is referred to as a syndrome, and it is generally chronic and persistent, and caused by outside circumstances.

Causes. The adrenal glands release hormones that help your body deal with stressors; therefore, most cases of adrenal fatigue occur with stress. This is not the kind of stress that presents and resolves quickly, such as an argument with a coworker or getting stuck in traffic during rush hour. Stress that causes adrenal fatigue is of the more severe nature – acute and ongoing – and it may be physical, emotional, or mental . . . or a combination of all three. In some cases, adrenal fatigue is actually caused by prolonged infection. Common infections that can stress the body enough to cause adrenal fatigue include respiratory infections like pneumonia, bronchitis, and influenza.

Symptoms. The symptoms of adrenal fatigue are not always easily identifiable, as they sometimes masquerade as less serious problems like tiredness and/or a generally “down” disposition. Symptoms include fatigue that just doesn’t go away with sleep, depression, a feeling of constantly being overwhelmed with life, a chronic and intense craving for salty and/or sweet snacks, feeling most alert and awake at night, when it is time to go to bed, and extreme difficulty getting up in the mornings, even after going to bed at a decent hour.

If you suffer from the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and you have faced intense or chronic stress, then there is the chance that you suffer from this extremely common condition. Unfortunately for many people, adrenal fatigue often goes overlooked and they never get the treatment they need. Fortunately for you, you now know the symptoms and understand the causes, and can therefore seek a doctor’s guidance in identifying and treating adrenal fatigue before it has the chance to monopolize your life any further.

About the Author: Deonna Piceno is a medical assistant who is particularly interested in how the glands impact overall health. She’s also an advocate for patient education and often recommends sites like to men and women who want to learn more about candida and how it can impact everyday life.