Treatment for Tension Headaches: 15 Alternative Ways

Tension headaches are a common occurrence as countless people suffer daily with them.  Tension headaches are often described as a tight band of pressure around the head that can result in the loss of appetite, tenderness of the scalp, neck, or shoulders, and dull head pain.  These headaches, often the results of stress, can affect quality of life and can quickly become a nuisance.  If you suffer from tension headaches, the tips below will be helpful for you.  Listed below are 15 ways to get rid of tension headaches.

  • Getting rid of the stress.  Because stress is often the main source of tension headaches, getting rid of these headaches begins by reducing or eliminating stress in your life.  Focus on reducing stress from the areas of your life that seem most hectic. Perhaps you can rework your work schedule or ask for help from your spouse.  Get rid of the stress! Your health depends on it.
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  • Take a hot shower. A hot shower can bring about the relaxation that your body needs to help overcome the headache.  During times when the headache just won’t subside, spend some times in a long, hot shower allowing the warm water to run over your head, neck, and shoulders.


  • Sit up straight.  Believe it or not, you posture can directly affect your tension headache. To relieve pressure on the neck and shoulders, sit up straight. Focus on sitting up straight in the car or at work if you sit in a desk chair the majority of the day.


  • Exercise.  Exercise can help you relieve some of the stress that can be the cause of the tension headache.  Get out and exercise at least 30 minutes a day to help with your stress levels and also help reduce your chances of getting a headache. It is also beneficial in helping you to overcome a tension headache.


  • Get a massage.  A massage is a relaxation technique that will help you get rid of tension headache. Have the masseuse focus on the areas around your head, neck, and shoulders for the best results. Take the time to relax and enjoy the massage.


  • Focus on breathing. Taking long, slow breaths during the times when the headache seems to be at its worse can be very helpful.


  • Acupuncture. A new age technique for getting rid of tension headaches is using acupuncture. Talk to your doctor to see if there may be benefits for you.


  • Over the counter medications.  An over the counter medication such as Tylenol may help ease the pain.  If not, consult your doctor for a stronger medication.


  • Yoga and meditation.  The relaxing movements of yoga and a focus on breathing in mediation may help relieve your symptoms.


  • Aroma therapy. For some people, a soft, relaxing smell helps with the tension headaches. However, this may not work for everyone. In fact, in some cases, people have reported that the headache actually becomes worse when attempting to use aromatherapy.


  • Sex. Just like exercise, sex can help relieve some of the stress that is associated with tension headaches.


  • Try to take a nap. Sleeping off the tension headache is another solution that is helpful for many people.  If you just can’t seem to kick the headache, take a quick nap.


  • Lie on the floor and try relaxation techniques.  Laying flat on the floor and deliberately relaxing muscles in the body can help relieve tension headaches.


  • Go for a walkA long, leisurely walk can help you get fresh air, the daily exercise you need, and also reduce your stress level. These three things combines will help you get rid of a tension headache.


  • Limit caffeine intake.  Caffeine can make tension headaches worse. This is especially true if your body is not familiar with it.  To get rid of a tension headache, limit your caffeine intake.


Instead of suffering from a tension headache, use the 15 alternative tips listed above to help you get rid of them.  Preventative measures such as a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising daily can also help.  Will you allow these tips to help you treat your tension headaches?

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